Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beyond the Survivalist

Ever since the Y2K scare, there's been a growing faction in our country. The Survivalist grew out of a view of sudden economic collapse, and started to develop a lifestyle that didn't rely so strongly on the economy. Unfortunately, the movement has gone from self reliance to hoarding food and water with no long term plans.

The portion of survivalists that will actually make it when things get tough aren't the ones with the most food storage or ammo, but the ones that can renew their food supplies and maintain a healthy balance of storage and new sources. Don't get me wrong, having food and water stored is vital for those first few weeks or months, but without a long term plan in action, a hoarder will die shortly after the larder is empty.

We want to encourage you to remove yourself as much as possible from the food supply chain, to become recession/depression/end of the world as we know it proof. There's too many people that have no long term plans for their family's well being, and too many people that rely on a shaky dollar.

This is something that you can do for yourself. All of our experiments and experiences will take place on a 0.18 acre lot with about 0.12 acres in usable space. Others have done this successfully, so will we, but we'd like to save you any trial and error process that we will experience as we go down this route.

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